Reflections of Summer

"Without being aware of it, you take many things as being your identity: your body, your race, your beliefs, your thoughts."

As I write this the cows are walking by the house to be milked, the rhythm of life continues come rain or shine. Summer draws to a close and the weather has definitely turned colder and wetter. It's been a very busy summer with craft fairs,

wedding of number 2 son and a stream of delightful visitors.

This was my first dip of my toes into the craft community and its been a learning curve. Presenting myself and my art to the outside world; here I am, this is me and my art / craft. All a bit frightening but everyone has been so welcoming and helpful. I have been very busy with shibori dyeing scarves and cushion covers which have sold well.

My batik work is developing, creating a mixture of smaller, easy to create pictures to sell at craft events and working on larger pieces which I hope exhibit. I do not have the confidence in my work yet to submit it into exhibitions but hope a winter of practice will change that.

I have been painting a series of pieces called Gracie Gull, Gracie is busy doing different things and profits from the sale of these pictures will be donated to Grace House Community Centre in Cambodia. Grace House is the project I co-founded in 2008 and am the chair of the charity Grace House Cambodia Trust. Grace House provides English language and general education to children on the poverty line and educates children with a disability. to donate

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