New Year, New Home, New Studio!

"When you are master of your body, word and mind, you shall rejoice in perfect serenity " Shabkar

Our love for North Devon, particularly the Hartland Peninsula continues to grow, so we moved to a new home with lovely views and a dedicated studio space. No more spray mount on dining room table nor navigating around my sketches to find room for the dinner plates.

The new studio enables me to offer workshops in Batik and Shibori, this new venture is involving advertising and homing in my social media skills, or rather lack of them. I am experienced at running workshops in the community and teaching in colleges but this will be the first time I've opened up my home. I have signed up to the website Craft Courses

Sunset from my studio

Back in May I attended a workshop about craft business practice run by the Design Trust , the lovely Peta informed us that 40% of our time should be spent on marketing, at the time I didn't believe her, months on and I have to hold up my hand and agree with her (sorry Peta)!!!

This week I've designed and sent to print leaflets to advertise my workshops. I hope to place these in local holiday cottages, galleries and tourist information places. I've redesigned my business cards as they had the wrong address, designed a notice for the front gate . I've ordered new gift cards to sell and mounts for my prints - it never seems to end! Meanwhile I'm still getting my head around Instagram & don't even mention Twitter - oh how I wish I had a younger head!


I plucked up the courage to enter 2 batiks into a local gallery "Friends Of" exhibition at the Burton in Bideford, I was pretty chuffed when they were both accepted and even more chuffed when one sold. I now feel validated to call myself an artist! Publishing my success lead to 3 commissions including one in the USA.

All at Sea

Loving the blending of blues, greens and browns, with the wax allowing the vibrancy of the white .

Always learning, continuous experimenting , observing, sketching, waxing and dyeing.

So blessed.

As part of my new years resolution to get more involved in local activities and get fitter i have joined a gentle yoga class and a walking group. Also joined a sewing group - what I'm I going to sew? Decided to use this time to experiment with sewing Shibori designs, I had tried this technique previously but not too successfully, don't think I had the stitches small enough. My first outing is to sew bodhi tree leaves, have yet to dye the fabric, can't wait to see how it turns out, just need a dry warm day!

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