New Year, New Beginnings

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“To think of the immense wall of the potential hidden deep within our being, to understand that the nature of mind is fundamental purity and kindness, and to meditate on its luminosity, will enable you to develop self-confidence and courage”


Enjoyed a lovely Christmas and New Year with the family for the first time in 10 years and celebrated 40 yrs of marriage – quite an achievement!

Now I am gearing up to return to work tomorrow and will give it my all. At the same time wishing I could have collected my state pension at 60 as I had hoped. The other half as drawn his for 3 yrs now and I feel we should be spending time together. Have been following the work of WASPI who are campaigning TO ACHIEVE FAIR TRANSITIONAL STATE PENSION ARRANGEMENTS FOR ALL WOMEN BORN IN THE 1950S AFFECTED BY THE CHANGES TO THE STATE PENSION LAW (1995/2011 ACTS)

I agree the ages should be equal but disagree on the way it has been carried out. In 1995 when the government proposed changing the age for women to 65 I was in the Falkland Islands as the other half was establishing health and safety at the military base, I did not work, though did establish a playgroup on the base. I have spent much of my life moving around the country due to husband’s civil service career and have had little opportunity to build up a private pension. Hubby’s early retirement saw us heading off traveling and volunteering – giving back, changing lives. But now, when health issues begin to catch up I am back in the UK workforce and instead of needed 33 yrs contributions I need 35 !!! But I should celebrate the government setting up a helpline

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