Musing and creating

Been musing over the difference in my life last year and now, working full time and living alone as the other half was still in Cambodia, now not employed but certainly working hard on creating and living together again in a beautiful part of the country. Walking along the cliffs nr the house or exploring the different and varied beaches in the area, learning which beach is best at high or low tide and where is best for drift wood.

There are little changes too - less make-up, hair drying naturally, no more commuting - well just to the dinning room I use for my studio. Instead of school buses as neighbours now have cows and increasingly, calves walking past the window.  Our clocks are set - coffee at 11 means "Cow Time" as this is when the cows return from milking.

Creatively I am busy working on Batiks and Linocuts, have a stall booked at a  Craft Fair on 2nd June so something to aim for. I have prepared cushion covers and scarves to dye in indigo but need a sunny, calm day , while the rest of the country enjoyed hot days we were hidden in sea mist!

Attended a workshop on setting up a design business presented  by the  Design Trust  and organised by Ingenious Pursuits, a group of local artist and designer-makers, very informative and plenty of networking. It was suggested that to grow your business you should spend 40% of your time on marketing - well I have certainly been doing that, building a webpage, designing business cards, writing this blog - time management needs improving!

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