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Decided to dip toes into the local craft markets, exploring if my creations are appeal to tourists and locals. 3 weeks in and success has been mixed, some markets are still very quiet as the season is not in full swing. The nearest market - Hartland Farmers Market was a great success, very busy and sold well. Great boast to morale! It is a learning curve, as with everything in life, learning to offer small, cheap items as well as more pricey ones, learning to fit the demographics of the audience.

This all brings about the great debate - am I an artist or a craft person? Grayson Perry wrote in the Guardian in 2005 " I see the craft world as a kind of lagoon and the art world in general as the ocean. Some artists shelter in this lagoon, because their imagination isn't robust enough to go out into the wider sea." So I ask myself am I in the lagoon ready to jump into the ocean? I think I am, however, as always it's giving myself permission to create, experiment, accept some pieces of work do not turn out as well as I would like. Accepting failure alongside success. I have not exhibited since my art degree show - different medium, different times so until I get a few pieces accepted into exhibitions I will not know if I can call myself an artist. I welcome your views on the subject .

In the meantime the other half and I are enjoying the beauty of the Hartland Peninsular, though we are sometimes bathed in sea mist and can't see a hand in front of our faces while the rest of Devon and Cornwall are wallowing in sunshine. We do have some beautiful sunsets though.

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