Community Arts, Batik and Shibori

“Awareness of impermanence is encouraged, so that when it is coupled with our appreciation of the enormous potential of our human existence, it will give us the sense of urgency that I must use every precious moment.”


I work with textile , exploring the relationship between dyes and material. Experimenting with barriers and the flow of the dyes, watching the colours merge and blend, living their own life - Art's Magic!

I studied Community Art and flourish when I am working with people as an enabler. Having spend many years working in the public and voluntary sector I now have the freedom to explore and develop my art skills.

I invite you to join me on my journey of discovery.

I am an artist & craft maker, a child of the 50s, exploring the next step on my pathway. Having worked with people all my life in the public and voluntary sector, I am now exploring my art. While living in Cambodia I attended courses in Malaysia on Batik and Shibori , these gave me the passion for this medium.

Greatest achievements – A happy marriage, 3 strong children, 2 stepchildren and 7 delightful grandchildren.

 I co -founded Grace House Community Centre in Cambodia and am a trustee of Grace House Cambodia Trust. I have been lucky enough to have lived in several places in the UK, in the Falkland Islands and Cambodia. Experiencing different cultures and climates influences my art.

My passion is bringing art to groups of people who might not have the opportunity to experience it. I am a strong believer in arts in health  and wake at night with ideas floating around. 


© 2018 Bridget Cordory

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